How do I reserve my wedding day?

In order to provide a wedding day application, the bride will need to schedule a trial run, at least three months before her wedding. She will sit down with the makeup artist, go over her bridal beauty inspiration, any makeup allergies, details about the bridal party, and any other important information that the makeup artist needs to know.

The makeup artist will do a complete makeup application on the bride and answer any questions she might have. Once the makeup has been applied, she will be photographed by the makeup artist to see how she looks in natural light and flash photography. The makeup artist will also create a custom face chart to help the bride's special day go as smooth as possible. This is also the time when all paperwork will be discussed, signed, and added to the bride's file.

After the trial run is complete, the bride can rest assured knowing that she will look and feel fabulous on her wedding day!

What is a trial run?

The trial run is required for any day-of reservation for each bride. It is usually booked no less than three months from the actual wedding date. During the trial run, the bride will go over her bridal beauty inspiration for her wedding day. All types of media including pictures, dresses, fabric swatches, and anything else that will help convey her unique, glamorous look are all welcome!

The makeup artist will do a complete makeup application, mirroring the bride's day-of look. She will also create a custom face chart that is specific to the bride's makeup design, so application on her wedding day goes as smooth as possible. A makeup trial run lasts about 1.5 hours. A makeup and hairstyling trial run lasts about 2.5 hours. Trial run fees are determined by the type of services the bride has chosen to go with for her big day.

Once services are rendered, brides will be required to read, complete, and sign all documents pertaining to day-of application, as well as provide payment for trial run services received, as well as, a day-of service retainer.

*Without payment, retainer and signed paperwork, the wedding date will no longer be reserved.

Why should I choose airbrush makeup over traditional makeup?

There is no right or wrong answer because it is all personal opinion. Both airbrush and traditional makeup applications have a beautiful look and finish.

Airbrush applications tend to last longer with essentially less touching up than traditional makeup. Depending on the amount applied, airbrush applications also feel lighter- the "no makeup", natural feel. Since actual bristle brushes are not used on the face when airbrushing, it provides a soft, flawless application that the camera loves! Because of that, it has become the most popular choice among brides.

On the other hand, traditional makeup can also be applied to have a nice, clean, natural look and feel too. The main reason airbrush is more expensive is because it is a premium product. Here are my pros and cons of airbrush and traditional makeup:



  • extremely lightweight
  • can do multiple layers for fuller coverage/one layer for light coverage
  • stays all day and looks flawless since it is applied with air
  • doesn't budge or move on your face/no smearing- the formula is waterproof, so even if you sweat, it will stay in place (just lightly blot with tissue)
  • perfect for weddings because you will be photographed ALL day long- you want to make sure you look perfect at night too


  • if you love the look and feel of the foundation, it's not as easy to use on a daily basis compared to traditional makeup. It's also not as inexpensive as traditional makeup for daily use.



  • lightweight with lighter coverage
  • can apply it in layers to give a fuller coverage look
  • can be more moisturizing for dry skin
  • applied with a beauty blender it looks flawless/no brush strokes or lines
  • if you really like the foundation, it's easy to buy at the store to use daily


  • since the formulas are more moisturizing and if you have oily skin, it can smear throughout the day since it is not waterproof- even if it set properly. You will just need to touch up periodically
  • harder to look flawless all night unless you bring powder to touch up- wedding days are so busy that sometimes you get hot/sweaty and need to make sure your makeup doesn't budge
  • if your skin is super dry, it will suck in the moisture from the makeup throughout the day and it won't look like you are wearing any toward the end of the night

I wear traditional every day because that's what I'm used to using and I want to spend the least amount of time getting ready in the morning. I also wear traditional when I'm going out with my friends, but I ALWAYS bring powder with me because I know I will get hot/sweaty/shiny and I don't want to look like that in pictures. The powder helps to build coverage and absorb oil. However, when I go to weddings, if time allows, I will airbrush myself since I know the makeup will look beautiful all night.

In regards to clients with severly dry skin, I have done traditional makeup and even with moisturizer + primer, the makeup soaked into their dry skin and you could see it or it moved on their face when they were hot/sweaty/oily. If you feel like you have dry skin, just make sure you are exfoliating all the dead skin cells away and keeping up with a great skincare routine; applying moisturizer day and night.

In my opinion, I love both applications, but I honestly get more brides requesting airbrush because it does last throughout their wedding day and it's highly water-resistant. I've even had brides go to sleep without washing their faces (which I DON'T recommend) and say that their makeup stayed when they woke up. There is a detailed article about airbrush and traditional makeup for brides on WeddingWire.

Do you have any wedding vendors that you work with/ recommend for my wedding? (DJs, Videographers, Photographers, Coordinators, Florists etc.)

Yes, of course! Many of my childhood friends have started their own businesses/become vendors in the wedding industry. I am a perfectionist and like when things go smoothly, especially at weddings. I have personally worked hand-in-hand with my preferred vendors and I can honestly say they are amazing. I absolutely love referring them to brides since I KNOW their work is on-point, their personalities are phenomenal, and they are great people to do business with.


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