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Dry-Styling: Hair Prep
  • Wash and shampoo your hair the night before your application. This will ensure your hair will have enough grip to it, but won't be oily. Fresh, clean hair looks the best when styled.

  • Completely skip or use less conditioner than you normally would. Apply starting mid-shaft of your hair, moving down to the ends. Conditioner adds moisture to hair and you don't want any excess moisture weighing your style down on your big day.

  • Add a heat protectant and light-weight styling products to your hair before you blow-dry. Less is more!

  • If your hair is naturally curl and your application is a relaxed, straight style, make sure to round brush your hair while blow drying.

  • If you have very tight curls and your style is more relaxed boho look, we recommend getting a blow out a day or so before your application.

Fresh Face: Skin Prep
  • Wash and moisturize your skin before your makeup application. Perfect makeup is only achievable with a perfect, dewy canvas.

  • If you use a serum or targeted treatment, continue to follow your same skin care routine. Makeup will not interfere with your skin care and vice versa.

  • If you are experiencing dry patches or dry skin, use a face scrub and gently exfoliate your skin a couple days prior to your appointment. Make sure to continue using a targeted treatment and moisturizer after you exfoliate.

  • A few months before your wedding day, test your skin with an at-home facial or peel. Once you find one you like and works with your skin type, give yourself a facial three days leading up to your wedding. Follow with your skin care routine- focusing on moisturizing. This will add to your dewy, bridal glow!

  • If you're experiencing a breakout, do NOT pick at your skin. Instead, make sure to wash and moisturize your face morning and night. You can also look into a targeted acne treatment to help with breakouts.

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Managing Stress: Tips
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